Faith Family Christian Church - Tyler, TX | ELITE Ladies
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In the day and time that we are living in, we as women are very busy working, that we sometimes forget about ourselves.  Ladies, we are guilty of wearing many hats, that we find ourselves engulfed in areas which has stretched us beyond our means.  That is why we endeavor to keep the total woman of God encouraged, letting her know with the help of our Father, we can make it in this life.  My mother has been my “Encourager.” She has made a deeper impression in my spirit that here is “A Blessing in Pressing.”  That is why in the year of 1995, I founded our Women’s Ministry – ELITE Ladies, so that we can come together and love on each other and be that voice of encouragement.


Pastor Elizabeth Littlefield


CONSUMED is a an annual conference that we host every year.  It is our desire that each woman that attends one of these one night conference walks away forever changed.  CONSUMED is a fun-filled night packed with the word, praise & worship, games, give aways, food and more.  We will kick off CONSUMED VI in 2020 and we want to see you here.



Date: TBA
Time: Service Time: 7 PM