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We’re so excited that you decided to stop by and hear from our Pastor’s heart today.  This blog is designed to bless you and give you that extra push and inspiration you need during the week.  We encourage you to come back each week for a fresh new Word from God via our Pastor.  Feel free to contact The Faith if you need prayer for anything.  Just simply visit our Online Prayer Request page and leave your prayer request or comment.

Expecting Great Things

If you don’t know it by now, I want to remind you of the Great Things God has in store for you.  When looking in the Bible, I find that God truly wants Great Things to happen for His people.  For example, Jeremiah 29:11 “…For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end…”


If you can expect Great Things, the Lord says I will give them to you.  Give you, your expected end, your final outcome.  Therefore, it’s so vital for you to have expectation because without it, nothing happens.  Expectation is a powerful force that gives hope to your faith in seeing things come to pass.


Another example is found in III John 2 “…Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosper…”  Great Things come  by way of developing your soul.  Please understand your soul houses your mind, your will, your emotions, your imagination and your intellect.  When the mind, will, emotions, imagination and intellect prosper; you prosper, and our health is made complete.


Great Things can come in many forms such as, physical and mental health, financial prosperity, relationships both family and friends, promotion and raises or just a sudden good break.  Hey, everyone needs a good break from time to time.  How about you? Do you need Great Things to happen in your life?  And if your answer is yes, why not develop your expectation for Great Things.


Back in 2010-2012 our Church, Family of Faith Christian Church, were in great expectation of building a facility at our current location.  It was truly exciting, yet it was a time of tremendous test and trails.  We were in expectation during an economic downturn in our nation.  Banks were folding and those banks who were still operating were not lending money, especially to Churches.  During the span of two years, our Church received 52 no(s) from known banks, not counting those that didn’t respond.  That’s right we had 52 banks to tell us no nationwide, but we pursued and expected the Lord to come through for us.  We were standing in faith knowing that all things are possible to them that believed.


We finally found a bank, or shall I say the Lord raised up a banker who believed in our Vision and approved us to build.  Oh, but wait, the Commitment Letter from this bank was in hand; however, we had to raise $100k in 30 days to make the Commitment Letter good.  Here is where anyone can be defeated, but through the grace of God and our expectation to build, we were able to raise the money and we started the building process in 2011, finished and moved in April 2012.  Glory to god!


Why did I mention this?  Most people would have quit and said…”It must not be the will of God or I missed it.” No, when your expectation is for Great Things, there will always be opposition, but you have to persevere.  Great Things are bound to happen for you.  Great Things are bound to happen for us.


I want to encourage you to stay in faith, keep believing and stay in expectation.  I leave you with this…

  • Don’t look at where you are right now.
  • Don’t consider what you have right now.
  • Don’t stall at what you may be experiencing right now.
  • Don’t listen to voices of negativity.
  • Don’t be guided by what you feel.  “I feel like it’s not going to happen.”  Expectation doesn’t require feelings, it requires faith.  II Corinthians  5:7 “…For we walk by faith…”