Our PURPOSE is to assist individuals and families obtain attainable necessities identified as a result of unforeseeable circumstances that resulted in their inability to acquire that need, which is offered through government assistance.  Our MISSION is to restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become self sufficient and give them the ability to remove barriers from their lives.  We collaborate with the community through revitalization strategies by partnering with other local non-profit organizations and agencies.  Our VISION is to reach the community by partnering with organizations dedicated to positioning individuals with the tools needed for them to become self-sufficient and independent.


Employment Seeking: We assist individuals in finding jobs in the industry of their preference through various methods; one being creating a resume.  Resumes give a glimpse of professional life, therefore, they are the most significant documents in your job search.  We can also assist with learning proper interviewing skills.


Housing: We assist individuals in finding shelters or housing through referrals to other agencies or identifying fair market leasing options, if applicable.


Social Security:  We assist individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, obtain copies of social security cards, and benefit statements or any other assistances through social security.


Community Partners -Texas Health and Human Services:  We offer assistance with applying for SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, CHIPS or any other HHS Service.


Health Insurance:  We offer assistance to individuals that are not eligible for Medicaid find health insurance through other venues, i.e., programs, private insurance, healthcare.gov, etc.


East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network: We are partners with East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network, which offers an array of services, which can only be obtained by a referral partner.


GED:  We’re partners with the Literacy Council of Tyler with our GED program.  We prepare individuals to test in four subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies and through Language Arts.

College:  We assist students complete their college applications, FAFSA applications, scholarship applications, and any other grant applications or college needs.



Address:  3287 Hwy 271  |  Tyler, Texas  75708

Phone Number:  903.504.6186

Hours of Operation: Wednesday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM