Welcome to the V20 Conference


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It is my hope and prayer that you will experience a time of “Refreshing” in the presence of our great God. This Conference is designed with Leadership in mind especially those who work diligently in their Church as they hold up the hands the Senior Pastor and Spouse.


Pastors, this is a must attend Conference which will enhance the work that you are called to do. God has both appointed and anointed you for a time such as this and there is no one on the face of the earth that can do what you do.


I encourage you to be at this year’s Conference for several reasons…


· This conference will Prepare your leaders to receive greater revelation and insight

· This conference will Prepare leaders for next level ministry

· This conference will Prepare leaders by balancing ministry, work and family

· This conference will Prepare leaders to be effective team player


The question: Does Ministry rest entirely on the shoulders of the Senior Pastor(s)? Absolutely not!


· This Conference will show Leadership ways of helping the Senior Pastor and Spouse to succeed in their Ministry call.

· This conference will walk your Leadership from just being a member to partnership

· This conference will challenge your Leadership to excel and be a better leader.

· This conference has the nuts and bolts that will tighten Leadership’s relationship with the Senior Pastor, Spouse and their Church.


Make no bones about it, this conference is designed with you in mind. I want to help you and your Ministry to be the best it can be. What you do is vital to the Body of Christ and the world.


Register today and let me know how many leaders will be attending with you and your spouse.

V20 Conference

Registration is free, but all pastors MUST register yourselves,  your wives and your leaders.


Service Times:


Friday Night: 7 PM (OPEN to Everyone)

Saturday Morning: 10 AM (Registered Pastors, wives, and leaders ONLY)

V20 Conference Registration