Faith Family Christian Church - Tyler, TX | Our History
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Our History


It is impossible to successfully give the history of Family of Faith Life Ministries without speaking of those who dedicated their entire lives to promoting the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Reverend Elijah E. Lee & Mrs. Mattie Lee began a work in the winter of 1954 as Pastor & wife of Lindale Church of God in Christ, Lindale, Texas. There they successfully pastored for forty years, and reared four sons and two daughters (Tommy, John, Elizabeth, Jackie, Dottie, and Benjamin). During the year of 1984, Pastor and Mrs. Elijah Lee, with only a handful of members, completed construction of a new church facility.


Later that same year Pastor Lee was led by the Lord to change his denominational affiliation to an independent church. At that time, the church name was changed to Lindale Church of Deliverance. Many lives were touched and changed through their ministry.

Pastor Gregory Littlefield was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit September 30, 1984, under the ministry of Pastor Lee. In March 20, 1988, he accepted his call into the ministry. He was licensed in May 20, 1990 and ordained Assistant Pastor of Lindale Church of Deliverance. Mrs. Elizabeth Littlefield was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit September 17, 1971. The Lord sent them in 1990 to serve under the leadership of Pastor Jerry Phelps, Tyler Metro Church, until 1994. While serving under Pastor Phelps, in 1991 they fulfilled essential duties as Prison Ministry Coordinators.


In January 9, 1994, Pastors Gregory and Elizabeth became Pastors of Lindale Church of Deliverance. And on April 6, 1994 the church adopted Lindale Metro Church as the new name. The Lord placed a strong desire in the hearts of Pastors Gregory and Elizabeth to “Impact Families with the Word of Faith”, and on May 10, 1997 Family of Faith Life Ministries was birthed.


Pastor Gregory was introduced to the Ministry of Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard in 1999. Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget continue to be Pastors Gregory and Elizabeth’s spiritual parents to date.


With a strong desire to expand the Ministry, Pastor Gregory was led by the Lord to build a New Facility. God spoke these words which became a hallmark for the Ministry, “Build the Church (the souls of the people) and I (God) will give you a building for the Church.” We moved into our New Facility April 2012 and immediately began to expand and grow.